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    Sebbe17: The overworlds are good. However, the legs of the front sprite look strange. They're a little too rounded, and the legs nearer the viewer should be lower down than the legs away from the viewer.

    Anyway, a new feature - Reverse Pokémon!

    Reverse Pokémon are similar to Shiny Pokémon, as they have different colourings than normal Pokémon, and are rarer than normal Pokémon (but commoner than shinies). However, unlike shinies, there is a significant difference in battle: Reverse Pokémon have noticeably higher stats than normal and shiny Pokémon. Also, again unlike shinies, a skilled player may be able to find a trick to getting them. Here's a clue:

    A Reverse Pokémon usually has two of the body colours of the Pokémon switched. However, on some Pokémon, this isn't possible (for example, Ditto), or it would look really strange with switched colours (like Charizard), so they will have a new palette.

    Oh, and if you're wondering, you can catch reverse legendaries as well, though good luck with that! Here's an example:

    And as a leaving thought, it is rumoured you can catch reverse shinies, though this will probably only happen once in a million years, with the combined rarity of the two