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Maybe that can be better if Shiny pokemons have better Defense and Sp. Defense than normal pokemons and Reverse better Attack and Sp. Attack? If pokemon it's Shiny Reverse, they can have all better stats and maybe another special effect like Pressure <with still normal ability effects>.

I think there can't be Shiny or Reverse legendary pokemons because Shiny and Reverse are exceptions to generaly normal pokemons. They can't be any exceptions in one-person group because exception of one object is general and if any player catch, for example, Reverse Groundon, there are now general version of Groundon and now there can't be any "Normal" or "Shiny" Groundons in game because in world is only one Groundon and he is Reverse. In one-person group can't be 3 alternative excluding versions of object in group, that is illoligacal. In online battles in fight normal version of legendary vs. another version of that same legendary, there can be paralogism leading to breach of continuum laws. Also, I think Nintendo theory of shiny legendaries are illogical too. I think, there can't be possibility to have two same legendary pokemons in one game <maybe can't trade legendaries with Mystery Gift (only Wichu can give with Mystery Gift items needed to open legendary events> and i think there can be restriction in PvP online battles - there can't be use any legendary pokemons. Yeah, i have Logic in studies.

You can add in game two new items:

Old Mirror - Can change Normal Pokemon into Reverse Pokemon. Can't be use if pokemon is already Shiny or Reverse and if pokemon is legendary. <obtainable after battling Darkrai (use itemfinder)>

Lunar Dust - Can change Normal Pokemon into Shiny Pokemon. Can't be use if pokemon is already Shiny or Reverse and if pokemon is legendary. <obtainable after battling Cresselia (use itemfinder)>

And i have question, Shiny Reverse pokemons have Shiny colouring, Reverse colouring, Shiny version of Reverse colouring, Reverse version of Shiny colouring or new, other, special colouring? Can you show example of Shiny Reverse?

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2. Instead of makeing the pokemon reversed why not beefed up like a super sayin. When they come in to battle you also have a wave of power go around them.
No! Please don't link Pokemon with Dragon Ball. I think it's horrifying idea. I don't want Absol SSJ3