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Originally Posted by Lockmaster24 View Post
I had an idea eariler today but then i forgot it i now remember it...

Could you make a house or "battle arena" that you can battle pevious team that you have fought?

I understand if you say no but it was just and idea to help level up our teams
I'll think about that... Thanks~

Originally Posted by IceCharizard View Post
And a way to get more money would be great though

btw why is Celebi always briiiing? And what does he/she/it give you after you battle he/she/it?
I'll think about it as well...
And Celebi will just give you a simple ______ as a reward for winning. :\

Originally Posted by C3LEBI-愛 View Post
lol, I love the screenies. Especially the "brii" of Celebi, but the overworlds need some work.
Are we able to catch the Celebi? And nice Ho-Oh event. Nice work bud...
Thanks and yeah, the overworlds... >.<
I'll fix those after all the events are done. Thanks~

Originally Posted by driger369 View Post
In the one movie with Celebi it's always saying "Briiii!" thats probably why.

Anyways, looking good. I can't wait to play through this!

Originally Posted by IceCharizard View Post
Oh I didn't watch the Celebi movie xD
Eheheheh... lol.
You should have time watching it.

Originally Posted by EnirevTux View Post
Nice progress! So, will Beta 3 be released if your sig becomes 10? And you're inserting Veronica Town? Cool! But how'll we get there?
yes, when it reaches 10.
Reaching to Veronica Town, you ask?
It's up to you to discover. :D

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