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    Let me explain the trading system a bit more thoroughly:

    1. First of all, you select the trade option in game.
    2. The person behind the counter then explains where to find the file whihc has been created, (i.e: the Save/Trade directory)
    3.You can then upload that file or send it via IM and exchange it for another pokemon.
    4.Then put the received file into your Save/Trade directory.
    5. Then when you next go into the Pokémon Center, speak to the person behind the counter again and if there's a new Pokémon waiting to be imported it will tell you.

    The way it knows if you need to import a pokemon is by one of the settings in the file being called, "ready?", if ready equals true then when you next speak to the person it finds out if "ready?" is set to true. If it is then the pokemon is imported if not then it won't be.

    "ready?" is then set to false to stop multiple importing.

    ~Credit to Kyledove for the tiles.