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Ok, To start this out, This is just an idea. If someone wants to make a game of this is not going to be me because i stink at making pokemon games.

Okay here's The plot:

It's 500 Years into the future from pokemon diamond and pearl. In the time that's Passed, All pokemon have died out. The humans are the only ones left. As you start out, You can choose To play as a boy or a girl. One day, You get chosen to go meet Professor Cedar At his lab because he wants to show you his newest invention. This invention uses the DNA code of pokemon and allows the user to become that Pokemon. Professor Cedar says that he has three samples of pokemon DNA for you to pick from (i don't know what pokemon yet). This will be your starter. His son (your rival) will get one too. Throughout the game, You will try to look for any trace of Real pokemon. You will have to transform to get past obstacles. And face other trainers who have this new high tech device. And maybe some gym leaders and elite four will be in there too....
I don't know....

So, What do you think?

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