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This is the tl;dr history of that girl named Sammi \o/

So. 2004. It was the second semester of my freshman year of high school. I'd been getting into this lovely thing called the Internet. I used the parent's computer at first, but they hate the kids using it, so I migrated to mooching off of my sister, when she wasn't using it. At first, I just read Pokemon fansites and typed up my terrible fanfiction, which was the predecessor of what I write today. Eventually, I checked SPP daily, because SPP was good about daily updates. one day, I was like "what's this forum thing?" so I clicked and joined the same day, if I remember correctly. I hung out around games for awhile, where I met Angela (Haine Togu), who was obsessed with Ash at the time. That kind of brought us together. We started PMing each other and stuff, and eventually, she got me MSN, where I started getting Ash pictures. I hate to admit it, but I probably had a crush on Ash... --; Despite the fact I abused him in my fanfics, haha. After awhile, I went to the spriting section of SPPF. It was then I was like "I WANT TO BE A MOD SO BAD." I reported the most trivial of things back then. I was so embarrassed when I accidentally posted in the wrong thread, despite that I deleted the post. Oh no, my perfect record!! I met a few other friends there, one of which was pair 1 of 2, a guy named Paul. We were close friends back then. Those days on MSN were so much fun. Pity we don't talk anymore. I also met another guy named Ben, who was awesome. Wonder what happened to him.


One day, Angela linked me to a thread at PC about a copied Misty fanclub. I was like "what's this forum?" I'd seen others, but not as big as SPPF. I think she said it was PC. I don't think I joined that day, but one day, I was like "I'm gonna join and post in your Ash fanclub, Angela ^_^" I joined as nayana_1120, the name and birth date of my first original character of my Pokemon fanfics. I'd originally used sammi-san, but I wanted to try out nayana_1120, for some reason beyond me. It's one of my friends now. ;D The first day and a few days afterward, I posted a welcome thread, posted around in a few random topics, and of course, went to the Ash fanclub! But after a few days, my PC browsing habits turned into going to the Ash fanclub once a week at best.

After awhile, around September of 2004, I was getting tired of SPPF; I guess I was finally realizing the forum wasn't the best place on the Internet. I came back to PC on a semi-regular basis. At first, I hung out at Home of the Sprites, since I was still big into spriting. I was really anal about reviews back then, which resulted in posts like "lol I like it - Spam, right? and this gem here. What the hell, Sammi. D: I was still in my "I WANNA MOD!!11one" phase, so I kept wondering if I'd ever mod there. But I got tired of HotS, because back in the day, it was 95% request threads, which I couldn't review in. So... I think I was in games for awhile, since I'd posted there in SPPF. I posted welcome posts when I saw someone from the Forum of Evil™ about how cool we were. I kept tabs on CQ&F to see what was going on. A lot of drama from those days I wasn't directly involved with; I just listened from there. It's a little blurry for awhile, but I eventually stopped posting in the Ash club and HotS. I started really getting obsessed with modding, so much so, I expected to click on a congrats thread in CQ&F and see my name there. XD; Angela got modded after awhile. I tried running in one of PC's elections, but I was lucky to get, like, three votes in the preliminaries.

I stopped posting as often as I used to, but I'm not entirely sure when. One day, I was like "I need to post more. Where should I go?" And then I saw OVP. Very easy place to post -- just answer the question! And there's just enough activity to keep coming back. So it became my home, and still is, to a certain extent. It's kind of funny what random things I remember about that forum. \m/ Shortly after I started posting around there, I think, I wanted a name change. This was back in the day when you had to re-join for a name change, so I made my current account and became sammi-san again. Of course, I was still stuck in my I WANNA BE A MOD SO BAAAAAAAAAAD phase, so my new target forum was OVP. However, there were much more mature people than me back then, thank god. As time went by, I got over my mod craze. I just kept hanging around OVP, reporting things as they came up. I didn't make any good friends in this point of time; I was never really good about making friends. I think I was lucky to get a PM or two from someone. If I made friends, it was over at PI, the only other forum I halfway frequent and post at these days. By this point, I hardly talked with anyone from my old days. Kind of lonely, now that I think about it, but I got my kicks from posting in OVP.

So. November 2005. Wait, it was only that short...? Ah, well. Kaga gets promoted to s-mod. Me, being the pessimist, expected someone else to mod. I even had the possible candidates. Then, one day, I noticed Bobby (who was AA at this point!) stalking my profile while I stalked the Who's Online list. I thought something was up. Then Erica PM'd me asking to be a mod. I still have that PM saved, haha. XD; I was happy. But I wanted to quit within the first month. Back then, we were a bit more stricter about the random poll rule, so I was like "random or not? ;~;", which stressed me out. I bothered Kaga with so much. I was much more mature than before, but I was still so... noobish, I suppose. I still cringe at a few posts from back then. XD; I got serious with my job, so much so, I started breaking the one hour of computer a day rule my parents had put on me ages ago. (I never got in trouble for it, either. Score!) I started making more friends, some staff (Siggy and Scizz were fun to goof off with back in the day), some not (I PM'd quite a few people then). In January? 2006, NU/W was modless, and I volunteered for it. It was then I met one of my best friends ever right now... after he mass bumped welcome threads. D< He kept doing things wrong, I kept PMing him, telling him if he screwed up any more, I was going to warn him (I'm a lax mod when it comes to warnings). Eventually, we had a PM chain going on. We started talking on MSN; if I remember correctly, he was the one that got me back on MSN on a regular basis after ages of not using it. And we became close friends. <3

Modding went great. I still had a reporting kick, so I moved onto stalking the New Posts page and reporting stuff I saw there. May 2006, I got on PC after eating some muffins (sorry, but I can't help but think of Kylie XD) to find a mysterious new forum called the HQ. I had been s-modded in my sleep. I had a heart attack. XD; It took adjustment, but I soon grew to love my spiffy orange username. Kaga disappeared around this time. :( Things passed as normal, really. I s-modded, talked with people over IM and PM and posts, stalked OVP. I paired with Matt one day after goofing off on MSN (shame I don't have the logs). I changed my name to Nayana, which was sexy in orange. Then there was some drama in my PC life, mostly with Scizz. He was promoted, and I partied at first, as he reported EVERYTHING (he was worse than me x_x). He was cool when he was a mod, but he overworked as a s-mod. It made me insecure, because I hardly did anything, between him doing everything and me not being the most determined of people to find work.

Summer 2007 was probably the next time period of note. I had moved to Germany during my PC life (spring 2006), and I had graduated high school! I was going to the States again for college. My sister volunteered to take me over the summer. I don't own a laptop (I wanted one but got a desktop instead XD;), so I ended up getting on PC every once in awhile. That summer... it was a great change, but I was quite bored at the same time. Things were stressful for me. Eventually, things kind of boiled over. In a very sucky LJ post, I admitted I hated Scizz to the general public (especially since he got AA before me -- as you can see, I never change with promotion obsession), admitted I was jealous of Matt, who now had a (online) girlfriend he was visiting come winter (she was partially the reason I broke our pairing for a bit, too x_x; I was such a jealous girl back then!), and just... became a ball of suck. Then Erica came back as AA. You think I'd be happy, because Erica was and still is a great staffer. But no, thwarted again! I got so worked up over it, I nearly quit the staff, for the stupidest of reasons! Yeah, I was a real ball of suck back then. But once college came around, things were fine again. Scizz was eventually banned, which, terrible as it might sound, I was relieved about at the time. (I feel really bad about hating him now. XD;;) My AA obsession died down like the other obsessions I had. I got back on my usual activity levels again... until my computer broke. I hate the phone, so I never contacted HP that way, just sent them an e-mail I never replied to. Luckily, the dorm I live in has computers downstairs, so I frequented them. I eventually got my once-coveted AA spot when Erica was promoted back to SA, but I don't care enough to even remember the month it happened in. After getting AA, it was like "...I got worked up for this?" XD;

Today, I'm kind of in a rut again. I'm getting jealous of people having large groups of close friends, really. I have, let's see... two best friends right now. :D My fault for not talking much (and maybe not having MSN for so long x_x;). I'll get over it. Hopefully my impending bad summer won't result in sucky posts again.

Sammi joins SPPF and then PC in 2004
Goes from Home of the Sprites and some fanclubs to some welcoming to OVP
Gets obsessed with modding
Gets modded to OVP in late 2005, but after her modding craze finished
Gets added to NU/W early 2006
Makes a few good friends for the first time in ages
Gets s-modded late spring 2006
Has some drama with sort-of irrational hate, a sucky summer, and jealousy of relationships and the AA position
Eventually gets promoted to AA, doesn't care
Currently works on doing name changes in a timely fashion and has other jealousies to get over.
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