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Rescue PC members by using their codes. Try to strive to be the coolest team ever!
The PMD thread can be found HERE

Please use the following template:
Team Name:
Dungeon and Floor:
Reward: (If you're willing to give one.)



1. Follow all PokéCommunity Rules.
2. Absolutely NO SPAMMING. It just clogs up the system.
3. No posts with something like "oh i need savin" without the code. You don't need to ask.
4. Do not put fake codes out to confuse and put more work for the rescuers. That's just mean.
5. Do not put posts asking for the location of pokémon or items. You could google it, check, ask someone who seems to know VIA PM or ask the Moderator, Aegis.
6. Please do not post about Wondermail Generators and such. You can find information about them on the "DS Pokemon Games" Board.
7. If you have been rescued, please use strikeout or delete the code in the post and replace with HAVE BEEN SAVED. This is not really a full-on-rule, just something so we all don't get confused.
8. Please do not post rescues here if you are going to get a personal friend to do it. It wastes rescuers time and makes everything too confusing. And it's frustrating when you do rescue the person and find out your work has been wasted.
9. If you state that you are giving away a particular reward, please do not change it at the last minute, or lie about it. That's just mean.
10. Do NOT use Decodifiers, A-OK Mail Generators and other programs that make A-OK Mails. This thread is for saving by REAL people, not by computers.
11. If you break any of these rules, a X will be put against your name. If you get 3 Xs, you will be put on the Wall Of Shame and be banned from here for period of time (as much time as I see fit). If you keep doing it, I'll arrange something with the Mods.

If there are any mistakes on this post, please PM me.