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Originally Posted by CheesePeow View Post
Well, the way I could tell it was Azelea town was by the design, and of course the colour choice for the houses. They give it that sought of feel, but I would of prefered purple or green :P. But the thing I like most is the balance, how you made all the pathways 3 tiles in width. Which is good. But the one thing I noticed about the screen is the fence next to the pc, I think hedges would look better, considering this one has way to much space and looks jumbled together.

But its an overall good :).
Suggestion taken. I've actually taken to using the long hedges as a theme to this town, so the end effect looks like this.


Originally Posted by dark lakitu View Post
Well, I knew it was Azalea Town... Maybe because of the position of the gym and the PC? I realised it was a slowpoke only because I realised it was Azalea... so no Slopoke isn't the only thing.
Ahaha, yeah. Go figures that you'd have to know the town layout too. XD
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