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Originally Posted by Budgie_boy View Post
Hi all, sorry i've been away for a while I'm going into x factor this year so I might not write to you all in a while longer.

I just need a bit of help with my own day/night system, I've got each section of the day (morning, day, dusk and night) set as variables on scripting.

I have different tilesets and maps for each area and for night or day (eg LITTLEROOT DAY and LITTLEROOT NIGHT). Is there any way to save the players location on the day map and transport the player automatically to the night time map through script or is there a less complicated way of doing this (EG changing tilesets automatically)?
There are several ways to do this. The first is to save the player's location on the map (I believe you can look up the 'Player x" and "Player y" functions of the variable portion of the even script. Look in the "Interpreter" scripts). The second way is to change the map's tileset. I do not know how to do this though, so you might want to ask about it on I believe I saw at least one script that was supposed to do this there.

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