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    This is a story about the multiple missons of the Shinobi from the Hidden Shadow Village. Not much is known about this village and you will carry out various missons ranked D-A depending on skill level and difficulty. You will have a squad consisting of
    three shinobi and a leader known as a sensai.
    The Shadow Village closely resembles the Leaf Village. We are arch anemies with the Sound, and are vowed to destroy Orochimaro and his evil riegn. Most of your missons will be either reconesince or tracking down Orochimaro.
    List your sign-up like this:
    Rank: (you may not get the wanted rank)
    Appearance: (be as desripted as possible)
    Village Origin: (your original village)

    My rules are very simple:
    follow the PC rules,
    keep cursing to a minimum,
    nothing with complete power,
    lastly have FUN.