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    Can someone help me out with this small problem?

    I need help editing my tileset because I want to add D/P's natural features (trees, etc.) for use in my game.

    Great! Well now I got the trees from whack a hack (only place that seems to have them...) and they are too small for my RMXP tileset, how would I go about editing them in GraphicsGale? I see everybody else with these same trees and when I ask for help no one seems to know how to do it. I know how to use the grids but getting the tiles bigger and making them look right is where I seem to fail.

    [Funny, I fail.]

    Been on this community for years and just finally realized it. I'M BACK!

    Going to start making my Pokémon game for RMXP, need help with tilesets, spriting, and scripting. PM me for details!