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    Thanks for the kind words, everyone.

    I'm glad the UI is appreciated. I spent a lot of time trying various layouts for the program before settling on what I have.

    As I said in the first post, this is a pre-release and the current version number is only 0.9. I do, in fact, have plans for YAPE 1.0+. I kept thinking of new features during development, but decided that YAPE had reached a point where I needed to stop, polish it up, and release it so that the community had something to use while I worked on the other features.

    Just so everyone knows, I don't currently have any plans to add D/P support to YAPE or anything else. From what I've seen on the board it looks like PokeSpam Inc has good plans to cover these games and I look forward to seeing what they put together. Personally, I want to focus on putting together the best advance gen tools I can for now.

    As for some of the other questions/comments...

    @12345 - I'm guessing you either didn't keep all the dlls with the main program or didn't have the .net framework installed. I'll update the main post to give a more obvious warning about that.

    @D-Trogh - I wasn't thinking about YACC at the time I named my program, but some of my friends have used it before (I've managed to avoid building any compilers myself...).

    @cooley - Total time was maybe a month and a half worth of my spare time. A lot of fiddling with the UI (this is my first time writing anything with a meaningful GUI, I usually just write command line programs and libraries.) On the topic of sprite and pallette offsets, well, I considered something like that, but I have... more interesting graphics plans if I ever get around to it.

    @Epsilon - I'm not sure what issue you're referring to. The dex data is stored by national dex number in the games; it's not directly tied to the Pokémon. There's only room for 386 entries unless you completely move the dex data to a new location.

    The ???? Pokémon (if you're referring to the ones that appear between celebi and treecko in the game) have national dex numbers > 368. I list the number of dex entries in the INI files and YAPE just disables editing of the dex data for any Pokémon with a national dex number higher than that. If you you have gone to the trouble to relocate the dex data so that you have room for more, all you would need to do is update the INI files and YAPE would then let you edit the dex entries.

    I have no intentions of adding support for automatically tracking down free space and relocating all the dex data or anything, but if you've already done it, YAPE will support that with a simple INI update.

    @Ahegil - Looks like you managed to guess one of the features for upcoming versions ;-)

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