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Welcome to the club, new members, and congrats on any new shinies, everyone. :D

Originally Posted by MetalMario View Post
That's okay, and yes, the Darkrai can't count. Since you can never be sure what others are trading you, we cannot count traded shinies, unless they were given to you pretty much in person and the original owner isn't keeping any clones.
Hmm what if a close friend trades you spares from chaining? Would those count or not? I have like a box of shinies from my pals yet honestly, I won't count them. I enjoy being lame with my own little stack of 13 shinies. It sorta motivates me to someday surpass extreme hunters like Fufu. /lawlnever

Oh MM, about shiny cards, what should we do about them? I know how to make them (see Shadow Chaos's sig) but I'm sorta too busy to help out if you remake the shop. Maybe an easier format or eh idk?

Shoot, I need to kick it up in the game. Seems school is getting harder since now I have to read some 400 page book; perhaps I can SR and read at the same time.. I want another SR shiny. >.>

Well, good luck to everyone.
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