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    Yes I Just wanna make a region map like the sinnoh region map
    but my own the way I like it!
    You need to make it with paint!
    then save it in the picture map !

    Question #2:with FlameGuru's starter kit, How do you make it so that a trainer battles you on the spot rather that having to see you(and have that exclamation mark appear above their head)?
    Change the name of the event from trainer(x)(x=number of steps it can see you from)
    to anything else but trainer(x)
    and change the event touch to action button

    oh and to your first question
    if you make a sprite then import it using the "materials" button and then import your sprite
    then you'll see your picture and under it 2 color blocks with transparent color (L-click) and semi-trasparent color (R-click)
    click both left and right mouse button on the back ground of you sprite and then just click ok!
    (if you don't undertand it pm me)
    and then you need to talk to the trainer for a battle to start!
    (Click for the thread)

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