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Originally Posted by choatix View Post
Awesome program!
It does almost everything you'd ever want a tool like it to do!
Maybe in the next version, you could add the pokemon's egg moves, pokemon it breeds too, and a picture for them. (because PokePic doesn't work on FRLG, which this does, so I can actually add pokemon like Budew, Roserade and so can others too) And also, a way to change the amount of moves each pokemon can learn... it's annoying if you are replacing the ? pokemon with new pokemon as they can only learn 1 move.

As I said, it's totally awesome!
If you want to add a whole moveset for a ? Pokémon, use PEP by Darthatron, you can add as many attacks as you want then. Maybe silver314 will add this into the next version...

Awesome tool by the way!!!

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