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    Originally Posted by choatix View Post
    Awesome program!
    It does almost everything you'd ever want a tool like it to do!
    Maybe in the next version, you could add the pokemon's egg moves, pokemon it breeds too, and a picture for them. (because PokePic doesn't work on FRLG, which this does, so I can actually add pokemon like Budew, Roserade and so can others too) And also, a way to change the amount of moves each pokemon can learn... it's annoying if you are replacing the ? pokemon with new pokemon as they can only learn 1 move.

    As I said, it's totally awesome!
    Instead of pokepic, use unlzgba and similars.
    And for the ?? pokemon attacks, each attack list is a pointer to the data. YAPE would use some repointing for this.
    Just in case silver wants to do the egg thing, I have some info on that:

    Egg Moves
    These moves are learned through breeding. They are listed as follows:
    All of this in 16-bit values. The Pokémon index is increased by 4E20 (20.00010) to distinguish them from attack indices. For example, Pikachu’s index is 19. That plus 4E20 equals 4E39, so Pikachu’s egg move data would start with that.

    Example: Geodude
    This is the data for an R/S Geodude, found at offset 209366 in Ruby and 25F096 in Fire Red:
    4E6A – 4E20 = 4A, which is Geodude’s index. 0005 is “Mega Punch”, 009D is “Rock Slide” and 014F16 is “Block”. Feel free to check this with strawhat’s FR/LG Pokédex on GameFaqs.
    - - - - - - - - - - Source: Kawa's collected pokemon documents

    And, checking myself at 25F096, I see that lists end with next pokemon's list (values > 4E20). And that only base pokemon have egg moves (next to geodude's egg moves are... next to golem is tentacool right?), so a function to repoint the whole list (each list is not pointed, the whole list is loaded each time), would be useful because the amount of evolution chains may differ.

    I hope this helps (I suppose so) and encourages silver to add this feature.
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