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    You already can edit what a Pokémon breeds to. Sort of. The game determines this by looking up the evolution tree. There are some special cases like wobuffet and marill that do some checking beyond this, but the result is everything always breeds to the first Pokémon in the tree or the second if there is a special requirement (holding lax insence for example) to reach the first.

    You have a surprising amount of control over this. If you wanted to add manaphy and phione to the game, it's pretty easy. There's a specific evolution type for this (for breeding only). You could add a "for breeding only" evolution for phione to manaphy. Now, if you breed manaphy, you will get phione, but phione will never evolve into manaphy.

    You can already use YAPE to add more moves to the ??? Pokémon right now. It does not place any restriction on the number of attacks learned per Pokémon. It does keep all of the learned attack data together and limits the total space used so you don't accidentally overwrite anything important. It updates all required pointers automatically.

    Unfortunately, this means there's no simple way using YAPE to have these attacks spread all over the ROM with random pointers. The benefit is that by keeping all of the data in one location, YAPE automatically computes all of the necessary pointers for the attack data without you doing anything. So, for example, if you removed an attack from chimeco and added one to bulbasaur, YAPE would handle updating every single pointer between them. For the type of editing I was doing myself, this was much more convenient, but as you may be noticing, there are some drawbacks...

    Perhaps some sort of hybrid model that allows both the ease of automatic pointer updating most of the time and overriding it for individual Pokémon would work.

    @Teh Baro
    Thanks for the info. I was wondering if anyone had found out how to edit this yet. You have a link or anything for those documents?

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