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Originally Posted by TwilightBlade View Post
Hmm what if a close friend trades you spares from chaining? Would those count or not? I have like a box of shinies from my pals yet honestly, I won't count them. I enjoy being lame with my own little stack of 13 shinies. It sorta motivates me to someday surpass extreme hunters like Fufu. /lawlnever
Then the "Cert Shinies" rule would kick in, and the spares wouldn't count for that reason.

Originally Posted by shinyhunter011 View Post
metalmario I was going on youtube to look at suduko's video about shinies,like 30th time watching it, and i could help but notice a shiny diagala. Well i click the vid and i start to read the discription to see if its hacked. Then all of a sudden i saw it said so i click on it and found out that was you =O. I was wondering if your going do any more shiny vids?
That Dialga was on my stolen game. I have a bit of a backlog of vids, but their odds of getting posted have dropped dramatically, considering I no longer own any of them.
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