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Anyway, since Rule # 6 is that we may have a max of two characters..

Pokemon: Furret

Nickname: Fuzzet

Gender: Female

Appearence: Fuzzet is a rather small Furret, because she just evolved. She is somewhat thin, and has small, beady eyes. She has a set of very sharp claws that are normally concealed within her fur. She wears a red bandana around her neck, with an original design.

Personality: Fuzzet is a very sweet Pokemon. She cares for others, and tries to please them. When angered, however, she is always up for a fight. She normally only fights when it is for a sensible cause.

History: She was living in the town Staggerly was once in, but never went to the battle arena, for the fact that she doesn't like sensible killing. Ever since her region was plunged into chaos, she has taken refuge in a different town, by the coast of the sea. This coast is the closest side of the region towards Beauto. She has lived there ever since then, and has always tried to make it a fit home.

Hometown: In the chaos region where Staggerly came from (because I need an ally for Staggerly).

Task: None. She will become an escorter, though.

Good or Evil?: Neutral (for now)

Other: Fuzzets history is very blank, and spots of it are completely out of her memory. She has confronted Darkrai once before, that probably being the cause of her memory shortage.

RP Sample: Fuzzet was hiking in the dangerously dark region. It was daylight, but the sun's rays were being engulfed by Darkrai's energy. Fuzzet had confronted him not too long ago, and she had lost humiliatingly.

"Darkrai, free our region at once, or I will have to take action!" shouted Fuzzet.

"Bah.. a Furret.. giving orders.. to me..?" Darkrai noticed. They were in a temple on the top of a mountain. It was just the beginning of the reign of darkness Darkrai was starting, "Go on home, before I hurt you.." it taunted.

"No.. I.. I won't!" said Fuzzet. She felt proud for being able to do this alone. Just then, Darkrai lunged at her, and knocked her out of the temple. She was at the edge of the dangerously tall summit of the mountain. The ground wasn't even visible underneath all the clouds.

"Dark Pulse.." screeched Darkrai. A wave of energy blasted Fuzzet down into the depths of the canyon. She was afraid of never living again..

Fuzzet finished her reminiscing, with rage growing in her eyes. She stopped and closed her eyes, calming herself. She made herway back to her nest at the base of a tree, and went to sleep, never to see the sun for as long as Darkrai lived.