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    Originally Posted by D-Trogh View Post
    If this tool is complete (If it ever will be 100% finished, maybe you'll keep adding/fiing small things, I don't know ALL your plans )
    Software is one of those things that's never really finished. But I imagine I will eventually hit a point where adding anything new is more effort than its worth. At which point I'll move on to other projects of some sort.

    Originally Posted by D-Trogh View Post
    Oh, and I can translate if you want.. To Dutch. I just need a string 'table'
    That would be great!
    And you should already have all the string table you could ever want. Brief instructions below. (Anyone else considering translations should look here too.)

    To add a new language to YAPE, start by making a new folder under data (there should already be "common" and "en-us" folders here.) You'll want to name it appropriately for your language. I will use the example here of making a spanish (spain) translation. You might name the new folder "esp-espana" or whatever you want.

    Under the new folder you will need a commonvals.ini file and a strings.ini file. See the examples in data\en-us. (I would just copy the English ones there and then edit the copies.)

    Once you have these files in place, you can add an entry for the new language to the data\common\lang.ini file. Continuing with the example of Spanish, you might enter:

    Name = Español
    CommonVals = data\esp-espana\commonvals.ini
    Strings = data\esp-espana\strings.ini
    Help = data\esp-espana\yape-ayuda.chm

    Once you have the new entry in data\common\lang.ini you can start testing it immediately. The new language should show up as an option in the Language selection on YAPE.

    The only other thing you might want to translate is the help file. You would need HTML Help workshop to make this. (It's free from microsoft's website.) I do realize that this is much more work than just replacing the text in the *.ini files though...


    Don't forget to give yourself credit for the translation! Put something in for the "TranslationBy = " line in strings.ini. The recommended form is "xxx translation by yyy - (optional date/version/etc.)" Of course, you would write that in your language rather than English ;-)
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