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Originally Posted by MetalMario View Post
(and I mean LOTS; I am at over 1000 eggs for Chikorita) of separate eggs. This latter option avoids the bugs in Emerald's random number seeding, so it can be done on that game as well as any other.

That is all for now. I will edit more later. My shiny Treecko is Mild and male. I will post the first pic once I transfer it from my phone. Good luck to guys for stuff.
I didn't know this, i've been wondering for ages why you've been hatching on emerald with it's awful rng, but that makes a lot of sense, i may just do that myself.

I started soft resetting for a shiny registeel last night, i plan to do 500 resets a day and hope it comes as early as my other shinies, probably won't though
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