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Okay everyone, here's Chapter Two! Sorry it took a little while, been busy with school, work, and "Nothing, Everything". Well, hope you guys enjoy this one.


///Now where should we start…///

“Destiny, are you there?”

Lugia was flying at Canalave City looking for any teenagers around. It was still early on this windy morning so not much people out yet except for a few fishermen. He smiled, thought the city would be a very comfortable and quiet place to live in if he was a human. There was the gym and Pokémon Center but also the Harbor Inn, the Canalave Library, and many cabin-like houses. The legendary Pokemon’s smile got bigger when at the port he saw a teenage black haired girl looking at her black and white blouse and pink skirt.

That’s must be her. I can feel the Chosen One powers surrounding her.

Could not wait to do this, he took a deep breath and then spoke in a very powerful tone, each word caused the wind to be stronger.


Part of Lugia wondered how he suddenly knew Dialga’s teenage form would be inside the body of a girl named Destiny Ketchum. He then shrugged, decided it must be because it was part of his psychic abilities.

After hearing that, the girl turned around and stared at Lugia in a confused look. “Excuse me, I think you got the wrong girl.”

Lugia titled his head and glared at her as if he was told he was in a different region.

“So you’re not Destiny Ketchum?”

The girl shook her head. “No. My name’s Hikari and I’m waiting for Uxie to tell me more information about my destiny.”

“So you’re already chosen?”

The teenager grinned and nodded. All of a sudden, two different female voices was heard.

“You’re waiting for Uxie? I’m waiting for Azelf while my two other companions wait for Uxie and Mespirt, though not here and instead at a cave somewhere.”

“I’m actually chosen by Giratina and I’ll be meeting him at Iron Island.”

Lugia turned around and saw two teenage girls coming, both look exactly like Hikari. When he saw Hikari and the two other Chosen Ones side by side and staring at him, he felt his head was about to explode.

“Wait, there’s three Hikari?”

“No, I’m Failynn,” answered one of the girls.

“And I’m Mitsu,” answered the other.

Lugia stared at them longer, still confused why the three looked alike. He then shook his head to clear his mind.

“Wait, let me get this straight. You all three are already chosen?”

All three girls nodded.

“Well, then why all of you look alike and wearing the same clothes?”

“I guess it’s the new craze,” Hikari answered with a shrug.

Lugia shook his head, thought this would get him to nowhere. At least he knew Destiny was not here.

“Whatever! All you three find other Chosen One fics to star in. Scram!”

Wanted to show he meant business, he roared and then flapped his wings. The wind made the three girls shield their faces with their hands, many leaves and splashes of water hitting them. As soon as the gust died down, all three girls screamed and ran. Lugia chuckled at that sight and then flew away.


Still wounded from not battling with her rival Carmen, Destiny kept huffing and puffing while walking towards the beach.

“That stupid Carmen! Thinks she’s much better than me? I’m the one that studied Pokemon while she battled. What can you learn from battling, anyways? Ha, I’ll show her that I’m better than her as I’m destined for greatness!”

When she stepped on the sand, her eyes suddenly see the person she was looking for. The boy ran his fingers through his puffy blonde hair and then his hazel eyes twinkled when he looked at her. Besides him was a green turtle Pokemon with two leafs on his head and a bottom yellowed jaw. He was sleeping, his shell shined from the sun.

“Destiny! Finally, you’re here!” screamed the boy while waving.

“Damon!” Destiny said while waving back. “And kawaii, you got a Turtwig!”

“I know. He’s awesome, huh?”

The Turwig suddenly snored and then a bubble came out of his nose. Destiny’s eyes got wide, as if they contradicted what Damon said. She then shook her head.

“Anyways, I see you got an Eevee there. Something’s wrong, though.”

“Huh, why?”

“Eve?” the Eevee asked in confusion, her head titled every so cutely.

“Eevees are usually natives of Kanto and Johto. Even then it’s hard to get those things.”

Destiny shrugged. “I’m lucky, I guess.”

Damon shrugged too. “Anyways, I really can’t wait for this journey to start. This is going to be so fun. Just you and me…”

Just you and me.

Damon then looked as if he already ate too much of his favorite ice cream. For the past few years he had a crush on Destiny but never told her. What attracted to her….well, what was more important was eventually his crush would cause drama of sorts and his heart would soon be crush.

“Damon? Damon?”

Destiny’s voice woke Damon up from his daydream. He then blushed dark red in huge embarrassment.

“Yeah, Destiny?”

“I think I already found my soulmate?”

One of Damon’s eyes went wide. “Excuse me?”

Destiny pointed to a green haired boy with his long sleeve button shirt moving gently from the breeze. While his hands were brushing the sand off from his brown pants, his dull colored eyes showed of tragedy and no happiness in his life.

“Wait, you mean you think that emo kid is your soulmate?”

Destiny nodded. “Of course! Have you ever heard of opposites attract? Seriously, this happens in all trainer stories I heard on television. A beautiful and sweet girl falls for a handsome but quiet boy. The girl then is the only one able to have the boy open up more and then the two live happily ever after.”

Damon felt his heart skip a beat when he saw Destiny’s eyes turned into hearts and some hearts floating around her. The Eevee just titled her head, not knowing that her trainer was now in love.

“Don’t tell me you want him to join us?” Damon asked with urgency. “He’ll slow us down! That emo kid will probably want us to feel sorry and such.”

Destiny instantly stop from her lovely-dovey phase and glared at him angrily.

“Of course! I think it’ll be fun with the three of us! And don’t argue as I’m going to be right when there will be lots of drama soon!” After she finished, she then winked to no one in particular.

Damon titled his head in confusion but then shrugged. One thing for certain was that he did not want to create an argument that might make Destiny only want that emo boy and her traveling alone.

“Okay, fine. I’m not looking forward to this drama coming up, though.”

Destiny squealed and then walked slowly…or should I saw hopped towards the boy. As soon as she was close to the boy, the girl tapped him on the shoulder. The boy then slowly turned his head to stare at her with confused eyes.

“Huh, for some reason I for sure know your name is Destiny!”

Destiny squealed. “Don’t worry, everyone knows me because my parents are Ash and Dawn, two great trainers. So, what’s your name?”

“Duku,” the boy said simply. There was no smile on his face. “I came here because back at Hoenn I’m supposed to be going to another town with fresher air because of my poor health. However, it seems I accidentally feel into the ocean but was wash ashore here. It was as if I was meant to be here instead or something.”

Destiny’s eyes already welled up in tears. “Oh my gosh, that’s so sad! You having poor health and also lost while on your journey!”

Duku was at first unsure about how to react, but then decided it was probably just a girl thing to be already swayed with tragic events like that.

“Well, if it makes you feel any better, I’m alive and that’s all that matters,” he assured with a smile.

As if by magic, Destiny squealed and then hugged him tightly, which took Duku by surprise. Both teens then heard Damon’s voice.

“Ahem. Guys, sorry to break up this first love in sight thing, but I think this plot should be moving along with all of us going to our first destination, Jubilife City.”

Knowing that he was right, both teens nodded. The three were about to leave until they suddenly two objects wash ashore. They were two orbs, one blue and one pink. Destiny and Duku, curious what those things are, bend then and almost touch it until Damon screamed.

“Wait, guys! You don’t know that those things are?”

Too late. Destiny and Duku touched it and then all of a sudden, blue and pink flames engulfed their bodies.


Dang teenagers. Why it always have to be them?

Lugia’s mind was still thinking about that warning Dialga told him five hundred years ago. Now today was the day it would happen, it would be the worst day of his life.

I will be damn if the Chosen Ones are teenagers aga-


Lugia felt his head was about to explode after hearing two different voice, a male and female one, screaming. After the screaming was over, he could only think of one explanation.”

Crap, it’s starting now.

Wanting this Chosen One introduction to be done and over with, Lugia began flying faster towards the source of the scream.


“Destiny, Duku!”

The flames soon started to faded and then both Duku and Destiny fell down, both their bodies not having any burns. How could that happen when Dialga was burned back to death in the prologue? Oh wait, I think I was too quick to ask. Anyways…

“Um…what happened?” Destiny moaned.

Right on que, a heavenly male voice spoke ominously. The breeze began to pick up with each of his majestic and holy words.


All three teenagers and the two Pokemon gave confused looks. They then looked up and saw a huge bird Pokemon with hand-like wings staring at them.

“LUGIA?” everyone shouted, even the Pokemon though in their own language.

“Yes, the one and only. Both of you touch the Adamant Orb and Lustrous Orb, respectively. Now you two will have the powers of Dialga and Palkia.”

Destiny’s eyes went wide. “Wait, we have the powers of Dialga and Palkia.” She then screamed, which made everyone cover their ears. “I know I’m destined for something!”

Duku was speechless. For years his tragic made him not liking himself and not sure if he should be living. However, the prospect of being the Chosen One could change all that. Damon, on the one hand, was scratching his chin. There was something wrong about him being in this region in the first place.

“Wait, Lugia. You’re a Johto legendary. Why you’re here telling them that and not one of the Sinnoh legendaries?”

“Well, both Palkia and Dialga died five hundred years ago and the other legendaries already have their Chosen Ones being picked. Besides, I’m just telling and not choosing. Speaking of five hundred years ago, there is something I should say. During that time before Dialga died, she prophesied of how both she and Palkia will go against each other at Mt. Cornet, but as teenagers. Pretty much you two kids touched their spirits there.”

“Is it accident or meant for us?” Duku asked.

“Most likely it’s meant for both of you as Dialga did say there will be teenagers the one battling up there. Also, seems like this story pretty much will dealt with you two dealing with this conflict, especially when both of you are more likely to fall or each other sooner or later.”

Duku did not listen on the part of how the two of them will fall for each other. His mind was still thinking of how he was a Chosen One. Already Destiny welled up tears. The teenager could not believe she would have to defeat her possible soulmate.

“No, that can’t happen!” she whimpered. “Duku and I are meant to be together!”

“Sorry, but that bound to happen if this journey were to have a tragic ending.”

“One more thing,” Damon asked. “If you’re not a Sinnoh legendary, then what’s your purpose here besides telling them that?”

“Let’s say I’m here to join the ride. Well, nothing more to say but good luck, kids!”

In the speed of light Lugia flew off. Everyone just stared at him as if he was some lunatic. Silence held on for some time, but it did not last long as Destiny’s laugh broke the curse.

“Come on, you two! I think this will be a really fun experience! We’ll save the world and our Pokemon will be better then everyone’s else!”

All of a sudden Destiny began strutting and then was singing very energetically. Everyone glared at her in confusion.

“My Pokemon brings all the boys to the yard and they’re like, wanna trade cards? Damn right, I wanna trade cards! I can beat you, I’ve got Charizard!”

Both Turtwig and Eevee tilted their head and muttered in bewilderment. Duku’s eyes went wide while he was still thinking what to make up of it. He then whispered to Damon.
“Is she always that crazy?”

Damon gulped and then laughed nervously.

“Yeah, she can be weird sometimes. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.”

Duku grunted and shook his head, believing that would not be the case.

Sure hope so.

A few things I want to mention:

-The part where the three "Dawns" appeared is bascially based how most of the original trainers fics I saw seems to use the character design of the games. XD Also, the joke “Go find other Chosen Fics to find” I got it from the old Looney Toons cartoon called “Red Rodent Hood” and there’s one part where Sylvester the cat (think I spelled his name wrong, lol) was playing the part as the wolf in Grandma’s clothing but then found four other cats also as wolves in Grandma’s clothing. XD

-The song Destiny sang at the end is based around that avatar ( the one with May, Ash, and the Charizard card) that parodies the song "Milkshake" by Kelis. Seriously, that avatar rules. XD

Well, hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! Next one shall come soon! ^^ And oh, forgot about this: I’m doing a PM list so if you guys want me to PM you when the next chapter is posted, let me know! ^^

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