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Originally Posted by MetalMario View Post
I made it. Source: Windows XP wallpapers. (Probably legal. They're bundled with the OS and should be royalty-free. I hope. xO) Anyway, I wanted to be a little "unique." I made a general-purpose club banner a little while back.


Edit1: Killed the evil grey Pooch with my beloved turquoise one, was taken back to the lab, and saved. I named him Dominic, in honour of Demonic, a guy over at SPPF who, like two years ago, was hunting shiny Treecko but got nothing after 40,xxx resets. (Which we can now say confidently was the fault of RNG clones... -.-)

Now, back to my responses: The general-purpose club banner may be found at

Welcome to the cl.. uh, why was I responding to this post again..? xP

1. Yes. Promise to be good.
2. Yes. Many find shinies this way, including myself with several, most recent being a shiny Treecko! ^o^
3. No. An egg's stats are determined from when you receive the egg from the daycare couple. To hatch a shiny from an egg, you can either (bad) save before taking the egg and soft resetting, or (good) hatch lots (and I mean LOTS; I am at over 1000 eggs for Chikorita) of separate eggs. This latter option avoids the bugs in Emerald's random number seeding, so it can be done on that game as well as any other.

That is all for now. I will edit more later. My shiny Treecko is Mild and male. I will post the first pic once I transfer it from my phone. Good luck to guys for stuff.
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