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    Chapter Two: A Boy and His Prob

    The Altaria trilled happily, and suddenly began to choke incessantly. Avi panicked, but, unsure of what to do, stood still, biting his upper lip.

    "Do something, you insolent whelp!" a woman cried from the distance, her face red with anger. Her grayish-lavender hair, poking out from under a blue pilot's helmet, signified the female as Fortree's own Winona. Her blue/gray jumpsuit rustled as she ran to the Altaria's side, only reaching the Pokemon in time to hear its last breath. "Altaria... no...." she said weakly, tears welling up in her eyes. "You killed her!" she seethed, pointing at Avi with a vengeance. "What's wrong with you?"

    "What are you talking about?" Avi said flatly, his blond locks rustling in the sudden breeze. "She came over to see me. I can't imagine why she would just choke up like that."

    Winona pushed on the Altaria's stomach. "No, don't fetter out on me! Damn it!" She collapsed beneath the fading sunlight, her hands clutching the faithful dragon-bird for all its service. "Wait, you're the Imalurra boy," she uttered quickly, seething the words through clenched teeth. "I should've known you'd take after your father... this is a poisoning. As far as I can tell, this is a highly dangerous, unlisted toxin."

    "How can you tell all that just from looking at her?" Avi's eyes blinked curiously, trying to absorb all of the goings-on.

    "So you did do it. I was bluffing, you little bastard. As far as I'm concerned that's as good as a confession. I'm taking you in to Officer Jenny. I love it, I know you Imalurra kids were no good..."

    Avi began to run east, heading to Route 120 and therefore out of the Fortree Justice Department's jurisdiction. "I didn't do anything! That Altaria was about to nose-dive and I saved its life. You'll thank me later!" He continued to sprint east until Winona was just a speck in the horizon.

    *********Meanwhile, on an unnamed island off south of Pacifidlog...*********

    A large building loomed on the north coast of the isle. Its sign read, "Team Magma HQ... we're not stupid enough to locate ourselves in an actual city like Team Rocket. Still, what the hell are we doing surrounded by water? I'm firing that real-estate agent. "

    *********In the HQ, 4th floor...**********

    A blond, brown-eyed, middle-aged man, 5'11", wearing a white lab coat and khaki jeans, stood in front of an advanced chemistry set, appearing complacent about a plan of his... or whatever he felt like being complacent about at the moment...

    "Tekari?" a voice sounded from across the room. It was a laboratory-like facility, filled with various large machines, bubbly chemicals, and the whirrs of various electric devices.

    "Yes, Elune." The man smiled and took a test tube in hand.

    "We have a new recruit... I think you'll know who this lovely young lady is?"

    Flora entered the room slowly... in an instant she recognized exactly who Tekari was. They had met several times before...

    *********On Route 120...*********

    Avi began to stop in his tracks. She's gone, he told himself reassuringly between pants of short breath. What the hell did I just pull; I always sucked at running.

    The youth looked at the tall grass around him; the blades reached at least a foot higher than him. This was the real stuff; all the pictures from the areas around Verdanturf, Petalburg, and the other cities from his mother's postcards were simply a foot or two tall. Out here, Avi was pretty much looking at a veritable jungle. Between blinks he saw a Linoone frolic on its back, the floral entities seeming to tickle its belly. "Noon noon!" it cried, not noticing anything, rather enjoying the evening for what it was: a calming sedative to many a Pokemon in the wild.

    Lucky jerks, Avi thought. All they worry about is having fun, making merriment, and making sure they calm down before the storm of night befalls them. Erf, I'm tired. Suddenly Avi passed out, more likely than not injured in his narrow escape from Fortree...

    *********In a nearby grove of trees to the north...**********

    Seven Breloom sat in an organized circle, smiles on six of them, yet one seemed somber, and unusually so.

    {Flora, will you relax?} a male chastened in Pokespeech. He was slightly larger than the rest, maybe two inches taller and an extra ten pounds. Though not completely discernable in the waning light, he seemed to cast a darker shade of green. {There's more pressing matters on our minds.}

    {Says you,} the smallest female chimed with a disdainful tone. {You didn't watch your love killed in front of your eyes, did you, Father?}

    {I told you to never mention that again, Flora! You know that if I had been there, I wouldn't have watched. It was... a disgrace to my name that Viola could not be saved. Her screams of, (Petal, help!) echo inside of me to this very moment. I was not there... though her screams ring clear forever. I know that Johnny was dear to you, but he knows you were paralyzed by its Thunder Wave. There was nothing you could do, dear.} His words were interrupted by the crude sound of a thunk! to the south.

    {Father! What was that? Shall I go see?} Flora offered.

    Petal smiled gently, kicking his left leg slightly into the oncoming breeze. {Yes, my daughter... I'll await word of what you find.}

    Flora sauntered toward the noise, and came across what looked to be a normal Houndoom. It uttered growls at it lay unconscious, a side effect of what seemed a highly toxic affliction. Her short arms did little to help her, but Flora managed to drag the Houndoom by its tail to her Breloom brethren. Petal jumped back with a shriek, yelling incoherently about what apparently could be deciphered as something similar to, {It's not a normal Houndoom! Put it back, Flora!}

    The dog's neck seemed to grow, and what appeared to be appendages grew midway up the newly forming body. Flora stood there in shock while Petal had already fainted from an overdose of shock. The remaining five Breloom gathered behind Flora, unsure of the canine's next move... though it lay deathly still, it breathed. Heavy as it was, each breath was a sure sign of life... though perhaps not what was intended...
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