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    Alrightie everyone! Welcome to Mistress Darkrai's VERY first RPG! So, here's a little something something about it!

    Team Magma is back - and they're rising to the top. After plenty of years of regrouping, you and the others are ordered to take over as many regions as possible - so our name is out in the open. But - one problem: Do not, and the offcier repeats, DO NOT steal other people's Pokemon, and don't be a huge brute. Now, with that in mind, Team Magma has to become from the Losers to the Majors. (Majors=High position in society)

    I will be honest - this really isn't an application. This is more like a verification 'exam' that I will review, and if so, I will either accept, or not!

    Here is the criteria:

    Name: Your RPG character MUST have a first and last name. The name can be of any language, and can have various ways of spelling. However way you would like, you can do!
    Age: Now age is a BIG part in this RPG. The higher the age, usually the higher the position in Team Magma - but I could be wrong. Kids (19-just borns) can not be in Team Magma. Which means, 20 year-olds or higher can be in Team Magma.
    Gender: Obviously, we would all like to know what your sex is.
    Personality: Personality may consist of anything you prefer. You're character may be a stuck up biotch (=D), or they could be the most angelic person ever known to man-kind.
    Orientation: Your characters orientation will also be a huge role in this RPG - because people WILL be falling in love. The orientation consists of bi, lesbian, gay, or straight. Bi means you will either date females or males. Lesbian means if your character is a female, she would date females only. Gay means if your character is a male, he would date males only. Straight means if your character was a fe/male, then that means they would date the opposite sex.
    Appearance: Now, sure, most people would think that you would have to wear Team Magma uniforms! Nope! Not in this RPG! You can wear anything; after all, your orders are to blend in, and bit-by-bit, take over the region.
    Pokemon One: It can be any Pokemon, from any region. But, since you're on Team Magma, you MUST have a ground- or fire-type. Must include levels from up to 50 to 70 only!
    Pokemon Two: Any Pokemon from any region.
    Pokemon Three: Same.
    Pokemon Four: Same.
    Pokemon Five: Same.
    & Pokemon Six: Same.

    Here is my VERIFICATION TEST! =D

    Name: Allie Willis
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Personality: She is the leader of her squad. She is smart, beautiful, and can really hypnotize you to do whatever she wants you to. She has shimmering Aegean Sea blue eyes, and has long, curly dirty blonde hair. Her eyes are in the shape of an oval. She has a slim figure, and nice curves. All of the boys drool over her!
    Orientation: Striaght
    Appearance: She wears this white with blue, light blue, silver, and navy polka dots spaghetti strapped tank-top that shows some clevage (or is it cleavage?). Her bra straps show; she wears blue plaid pants (I love blue plaid pants! =D). She has green flip-flops on. She has her ears pierces with silver, dangly earing that take the shape of a heart.
    Pokemon One: Sceptile lvl. 65
    Pokemon Two: Garchomp lvl. 68
    Pokemon Three: Empoleon lvl. 70
    Pokemon Four: Charizard lvl. 69
    Pokemon Five: Dragonite lvl. 66
    & Pokemon Six: Lucario lvl. 67

    ~~ That's it! Hopefully, you'd like to join my RPG! Nope! I forgot something! Sorry!

    1) You may swear - but you must use variables. Ex: Sh*t =]
    2) No spamming my RPG WHATSOEVER!
    3) With the other RPG player's permission, you may fall in love!
    4) Have fun!
    & 5) Follow all of the RULES!

    ~~ Kay! Now THAT IS IT!!!!!!!!! Lata alligator! You reply, "For a while, crocodile!"
    Name: Lola
    Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage

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