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    Originally Posted by The Beast View Post
    Wow, this is quite ironic for a PG-rated story.
    Translated, and thanks. Though I can't help but wonder if this is a mere comment spam based on the amount of posts you have on the first... It's not that important, I just wonder what your other comments look like. :p

    PS: I'm sorry that I'm not as good at these name puns as I'd like to be.

    Chapter 3: Forest Frier

    Flora stared at Tekari, though her eyes averted when he looked over at her. Daddy, she pondered, I had wondered where you went all those years ago. All those postcards you sent me and Avi... Were they... No, I won't go there yet... But...

    It had been ten years since thet day Tekari left with Elune on a classified adventure. Neither could tell the youths why they were going away, or where their travels would take them. Perhaps it had been a matter of age; Avi was a mere six and Flora not much older at seven... of course, Flora quickly reasoned that this one sight: her father in a lab coat at Team Magma HQ... this had to explain it all.

    "Flora, my daughter..." Tekari began. "You've grown into a beautiful young woman. Elune!"

    "Tekari?" the female voice rang from the opposite hall. "Hold your freakin' horses, I'll be right there! No, you mollusk, measure first and then combine! For legendaries' sake, I won't be responsible if you burn down this place. Even though I'm well capable..." An Arcanine, pure snow white in color, standing at 5'11", only eclipsing Flora by around three inches, padded over and rubbed its head against Flora's right hand, which lay hanging by her hip.

    "Well!" the Pokemon said in clear English, eyes closed in an anime-like look of happiness. "Look who tumbled in the door... Tekari, are you about to send this little lass back out with a map? She looks lost, doesn't she?"

    "Yipe!" Flora jumped back, slightly unsettled by the talking canine. "Daddy, who is this..."

    "Flora, don't you recognize this charming gal? You don't remember the name Elune? My stars, it's been too long." Elune gleamed at being called a 'charming gal.'

    "Mom!?" the girl spat quickly. It didn't seem right; though the pure ivory shade was a perfect match of hair color... It can't be... unless... Mom, you must have a reason to look like that...

    "Elune, be a dear and show Flora around the building... unless your liege is planning an arsonist attack still..." A chuckle and smirk escaped Tekari's lips, amused by his notice of yet another bumbling employee.

    "It'll be fine, Tek. However, Gleason appears completly incompetent of even taking measurements, so I'll leave that up to you. I personally think we need to axe him, but Boss hasn't seen enough idiocy from him to make a judgment."

    Gleason... Flora thought with a frown. The name seemed familiar, but nothing came to mind at the moment.

    *********In a shallow grove, northern Route 120********

    Five Breloom slept peacefully behind a sixth, fully awake one. The alert Pokemon watched as the Houndoom-creature opened its eyes, slowly yet surely, and, with fully formed arms, slithered its six appendages until it was on four legs. The being was tentative, yet relieved and scared at the same time. The Breloom quickly kicked each of the five sleeping Pokemon in the jaw to wake them up.

    {Flora, what's your problem!?} one said with a hint of sleepiness in its voice. {I told you not to wake us until... oh!} Its voice wavered as it saw the Houndoom-ish entity. {So... its metamorphosis is complete...}

    {Yes,} Flora answered with a soft tone. {It appears to be... thankfully, unaware of its new form.}

    "New form?" The Houndoom morph looked menacingly at the six Breloom. "What are you talking about!?"

    {Oh! It seems to have retained comprehension of the Speech. Quite fortunate... though it seems to be speaking in a different manner as well. Do you remember, Iris? We heard one of the humans speaking like that.}

    {Yes,} the shortest of the six replied flatly. {If I remember correctly, they use it to communicate with one another. The humans have no ability to speak in the Speech, so of course they needed something to use.}

    "Hey!" the morph yelled impatiently. "Why are you yapping about English like that!? What in the name of Moltres is going on here??"

    {You can't tell?} Iris responded unknowingly. {Flora found you unconscious out near the tall grass... she used her mouth to drag you by your tail... I was worried you would stop breathing...}

    {It was breathtaking...} Flora continued passively. {You changed right in front of our eyes. I don't know what happened to you, but... this was all so crazy...}

    "What happened... to me?" The morph looked at its body, jumping at the sight of its lower body. "Wha... what'd you do to me!? Why do I have four legs and all this fuzziness?"

    {You're shocked at those things? I would think you'd be more enraged by your two new arms...}

    "I only had two legs when I passed out... um, didn't I? I don't remember much about this."

    The elder Breloom returned, racing toward his daughter, fainting halfway when he saw the Houndoom transformed. {What... Flora, you idiot! It'll kill you!}

    {Father, it won't kill us...} Flora said gently. {Look at its eyes... those aren't normal eyes... I've never seen a shade of blue that looked so... skyward...}

    {It's a Fire type, Flora... do you not recall that fire was the bane of our kind? It's the reason your mother and betrothed are no more!}

    {It's not a dragon, though... I remember Johnny fell at the claws of... what looked to be a cross of human and dragon... Urf, it was... a Salamence?}

    "Salamence..." the morph chimed in. "A... cross? I've heard... rumors of such a being."

    {Really?} Flora seemed happy to hear this. {What do you remember about it?}

    "Well, they say that... a research team on a little-known island began experimenting with Pokemon. First it began as a simple 'steal them from other humans' operation... next the employees were subjected to... inhumane tests and forced to drink Pokemon blood as part of these tests... my former human... his whole family is believed to now be in this group."

    {Oh, dear!} the Breloom said with a hint of tears in her eyes. {What is it called?}

    "I'm afraid I... don't remember. The boy mentioned a name... sounded like a Fire-type name... Um... Lava? No.... I'm afraid nothing's coming to me."

    {I see.} Flora began to look sobered to the fact that perhaps, no vengeance would be had by anyone.

    {Flora!} Petal yelled, his voice crackling like lightning. {Get that freak of nature out of here, NOW!!!}

    "I... should go..." the morph explained with a smile and a wave. Good to meet you, Flora. My name's Shade, by the way... should we ever meet again, please remember that. I promise not to forget your name."

    {Goodbye, Shade.} Flora turned away as the dog-morph padded south, away from the nestled grove...

    Flora... the morph thought as the Breloom became dots in the distance. Why does that name seem so familiar...
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