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    The pipe is because when I was making it, I was thinking, "what is the stereotypical image of a father." Well after thiinking about about it, I thought of the image of like a 1950's Leave it to Beaver type father, and what do they always have? A pipe.

    I finally finished the latest Fakemon Sheet. A quick note about it, Valroar doesn't have a split evolution, that is merely just a visual difference between genders, no effect to stats or anything. Expect splices next thing I submit.

    525 - Pix: Normal Type. "This pokemon is quite shy. It isn't due to its weak look, but because its embarrassed because its wings are not strong enough to give it flight, it instead bounces around."
    526 - Angela: Evolves from 525 at level 25 with "Holy Wish" held. Normal Type. Good Sp attack and Sp. Def, Ok speed, bad P attack and def. "This pokemon makes a wish to fly and gain power, and would promise to do good. This pokemon now brings goodness and happiness to anyone it can, but it still sadly can't fly."
    527 - Impz: Evolves from 525 at level 25 with "Evil Wish" held. Dark type. Good P attack and def, ok speed, bad Sp attack and defense."This pokemon has wished for dark powers so it could one day fly. It pledges to bring misfortune to all. Although it does gains power, it still can't seem to become air born."

    528 - Waft: Poison type. "This pokemon isn't very rare in in smog filled cities. It has a hard enough time keeping itself together that it can't really battle too well." (Think Magikarp, will only know splash, will learn poison gas at some point like level 10-20)
    529 - Smorgon: Evolves from 528 at level 25. Poison/Dragon type. Good Sp. Attack, Ok speed P attack Sp. defense, bad defense.."Foul smell, foul temper, foul everything. This is one nasty pokemon. Watch out, it may look completely gaseous, but it can still take a bite out of you." (Ability: Levitate).

    530 - Dunsparse: Normal type. "This timid pokemon has never been known to be good at battle. Yet in this different land it is said that they have more potential than before."
    531 - Morcore: Evolves from 522 in an undetermined way. Normal type. More of the same as Dunsparse, each stat better, so still a very balanced stat pool. "After evolving, Dunsparse has taken a new change. It no longer need to borrow and hide anymore, its attitude though doesn't change much and you'll be hard pressed to find a hostile one."

    532 - Meowth: Normal type. "This pokemon has an love for wealth. Some have called it greedy, but its cute looks make it a pretty popular pokemon."
    533 - Persian: Evolves from 532 at level 28. Normal type. ."A pokemon loved by those who love luxury. This pokemon itself is known for its snobbish attitude."
    534 - Valroar: Evolves from 533 in an undetermined way. Normal type. Think Persian, but with attack and speed boosts. "Called the king of the jungle. This pokemon strides with a pristine presentation. Some can't help but bow to it."

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