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Wow, it looks like I forgot to edit in the pictures... -.- here they are:

Also Stat Page 1 and Stat Page 2

I've already traded out Dominic to Emerald to make an archival clone, and sent the original back to play through Sapphire with. Man, those wild Hoenn Pokémons are something feisty! Every time I go out, one of my guys gets fainted... Fortunately, I haven't yet had to unleash Turquoise Wrath upon them. I'll play through this game quickly, as there are lots of SR targets I've had my chops set on for a long time now. :D

Thanks bunches for the congrats. I'm going to play through my new Diamond game once before I go after the next Grass starter on my hit list.

Edit: Also, I think the variance in the picture quality of my photos merits some explanation: There have been as many as four different cameras I've taken pictures with over time: My old Logitech webcam, my dad's digicam, my new Creative webcam, and my camera phone. I'm looking into buying a good digital camera of my own soon, so there might be another one in the mix soon. I've also commonly used three different systems--my SP, my DSphat, and my new (and recently replaced) Crimson Lite.
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