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Originally Posted by Dragonking_ShinyElite View Post
Sweet find MM. You finally got a shiny that I know you've wanted for years.

EDIT: Shiny Groudon Hazzaah.
Wow, just now? Amazing find! There's really been a shower of third-gen shinies lately!

I want to get my shiny Drifloon offsite before saving in front of Palkia (to permit me to SR on the go while avoiding a repeat of last time), and that means either playing far enough into Diamond, or getting that busted up M3 working again. I am also playing through Sapphire (final save) and Leaf Green (not final save; collecting legendaries & stuff), so who knows what might show up?

GL to everyone for stuff you're looking for.
Don't want to see another generation drop

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latest shiny: Boldore (Oct.30/11)
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