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Hey Darthatron buddy, it's been a while, since I asked you a question, but I need your wisdom to progress!

How do you get a listbox's list values to be data that the program has read from the ROM?

I'll explain what I mean:

I want the list of 'words' in the list box to be Pokémon. But the order is obviously dependant on what the program reads. If I got it to read data at &H30303 for example, and the hex-byte was 0A, I would want it to say "Caterpie", if it was FB I would want it to say "Celebi". This list would have to be as long as there as relevant bytes to change, so the list could be 251 'words' long.

I hope you understand that, cus I don't think i understand what I just wrote lol!

Thanks Darthatron!

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