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This is my first post on the boards as a whole and my first attempt in role-playing in a long time (feel free to reject me on that offense alone) but this thread seems interesting and gives me the whole "comic-book" feel so I figured I will give it a try. On to the important stuff:

Name: Christian
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Physical Description: Standing at a tall 6" and a toned body, Christian oozes charm from his appearance alone. Christian also sports deep blue eyes and shaggy brown hair that doesn't earn as much attention has his body. As far as clothing is concerned, its obvious Christian travels due to his choice of ripped blue jeans, dirty sneakers, and plain gray t-shirt (due its design being eroded away.
Personality: In summery, Christian carries the worst and best traits any human could have. Christian's greatest strength and fault is his confidence. Never bogged by anything, he always has a winning attitude but occasionally his ego gets the best of him. At the same time, he will usually come as rude or insulting when in reality his is kind-hearted to a select group of people usually mentors. Christian has developed a lone wolf attitude and suffers from trust issues to his betrayals.
Region From: Johto
Current Region:: Sinnoh
History: (I will try to make this shorter than the others due to my lack of control) Coming from Violet City, Christian started as off as a popular student in the Acadamy but was quickly cast into the category of nerds from his best friend due a rumor about his crush. Despite the childish dispute, Christian graduated at the top of the class and received a Cyndaquil from Elm at the age of 14. From there, Christian took the Johto League challenge and collected the 8 badges before challenging the league. His challenge was denied by Lance in the final round and Christian drifted into depression. Christian since then wandered into Hoenn and then Sinnoh after persuasion from his relatives. In those regions, he focused on building a stronger party (including battling in the Battle frontier and a challenge of the Sinnoh League) in order to finally face Lance and earn the title he was so convinced was his.

Current Pokemon: Typhlosion, Absol, Lucario, Salamence, Metagross, Walrein

Pokemon Profiles

Name: Typhlosion (Occasionally called Flare)
Species: Typhlosion
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Christian's first and most reliable pokemon. He started off as a Cyndaquil and has traveled with Christian since the beginning. Of all his partners, Typhlosion shares the most in common including his confidence and determination in battle. Flare appears as any other member of his species with the exception that his flames appear brighter than some. He is also known to be a bully to others. He has proven to be Christian's favorite tool in battle due to his reliability and carried Christian's party in Johto up until the battle with Lance.

Name: Absol (Shadow)
Species: Absol
Gender: Female:
D and P (laziness): Obtained during his travels in Hoenn, Absol is the female equivalent to Flare in that Absol is quite the bully with an ego. However, Absol is in control of it more effectively that of Typhlosion. Absol is also that of Christian's princess in that she requires service and suffers from laziness and desires perfection. Absol showed itself to be a powerful pokemon requiring a long fight until its capture. At first a struggle to control, Christian managed to tame it and used it to dominate the battle frontier in Hoenn. Absol is well grommed pokemon but other than that holds no unique traits.

Name: Lucario
Species: Lucario
Gender: Male
D/P: Christian received Lucario as a Riolu from his Uncle in Sinnoh upon his arrival in the region. Immediately taking a liking to Christian, Lucario became his most loyal and respectful Pokemon, to the point of brown nosing his master. Often outside its pokeball, Lucario became Christian's Pikachu during Sinnoh. Lucario's ability as a fighter has quickly evolved from nothingness to dangerous due Christian's schedule, becoming a powerful force and earning Christian's ranking as a celebrity in Sinnoh (due to his challenge of the Gym Leaders). Lucario like most of his party, holds no special features other than his tag on his neck that shows Christian's ownership.

Name: Metagross
Species: Metagross
Gender: None/Genderless
D/P: Christian came across a lone Beldum in Meteor Falls during his journey in Hoenn. Through a plan, He cornered the pokemon and captured it and diligently trained the little thing till its evolution. Metagross is the rebel of the group and it started off least obedient pokemon but one of his strongest. After a while, Metagross proved to be reliable and usable in battle, but occassionally refuses to listen if fighting what he believes to be weak opponents. Metagross is Christian's only shiny, sporting a gray exterior.

Name: Salamence (Draco)
Species: Salamence
Gender: Male
D/P: Caught as a weak Bagon while in Hoenn, Salamence holds the rank of Secret Weapon and Christian's strongest force especially in high stress battles. Salamence is a ironic twist is in reality Christian's nicest and most affectionate of his pokemon and proves to a be a naive individual. Salamence is unnaturally large for his species standing at an impressive 6'5 instead of the standard smaller size.

Name: Tusks
Species: Walrein
Gender: Female
D/P: Caught as a Sealeo in Sinnoh, Tusks is the newest entry into his party. Lazy, slow but strong, she proves to be a notable and solid member to Christian's party. A weaker battler than the rest of the party, Tusks shows improvement every day depsite its lack of motivation. Tusks is a standard female Walrein in terms of appearance, with its nickname being nothing more than a cruel joke.

And thats it, I am open to suggestions and ideas. I am more than willing to edit and improve. Thanks for time if you read it.