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Originally Posted by swampert22 View Post
Hey Darthatron buddy, it's been a while, since I asked you a question, but I need your wisdom to progress!

How do you get a listbox's list values to be data that the program has read from the ROM?

I'll explain what I mean:

I want the list of 'words' in the list box to be Pokémon. But the order is obviously dependant on what the program reads. If I got it to read data at &H30303 for example, and the hex-byte was 0A, I would want it to say "Caterpie", if it was FB I would want it to say "Celebi". This list would have to be as long as there as relevant bytes to change, so the list could be 251 'words' long.

I hope you understand that, cus I don't think i understand what I just wrote lol!

Thanks Darthatron!
I think I understand....

ListBox.ListIndex = ReadHEX(LoadedROM, Location, 1)
Is that it? Unless you mean the list of Pokemon is jumbled up and you want to read the Byte, rather than the location?

First off you'd make the ItemData to the actual number of the Pokemon.

Check out this demo source and see if you can understand it. I did comment it, so it shouldn't be too difficult.


Hope I could help? If not try and rephrase the question. :D
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