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    Some strange glitches I discovered today...
    First, I used a phone booth and called my Memory 8. It was the right pesron talking, but then I got a rematch. However, it said 'National Park' for rematch, but he didn't wanrt to battle. However, the one in my memory slot above (7) wanted to battle... I think the too are mixed up...

    Also, I found a trainer that doesn't face you, and he assks if you want his number, yet although I declined, he still aksed me if I wanted to delete my number afterwards...

    And, I know I say a lot. But, as I said before, Shiny Gold is so brillant... now I'm staggering through Shiny Gold X... you know how to make a game hard. These screenshots came from X if you did to know that.

    Waiting for lots of answers... but now I want more... LoL.
    As a said in my very long post before, I asked the odds of finding the dogs? Different, but similar question... what is the odds of getting a rematch with a trainer with the phone booth?
    Do you ever intend to but wild pokemon in the places with accessible water pools... like the hidden part of the National Park (where you beat a trainer to get a Treecko) and the water surronding the "Pillar of Wishes".
    Helping you agian, like I did ikn my first post in this thread, have you started to change the auto-map scripts? Like when you go into Elm's Lab, Mr. Pokemon's House, Places where Carlos want to battle, etc. You should use map scripts, a simple part of Advance Map (not simple to me, I can't script LoL) that starts the event straight away instead of having to take a step out. For example, when you would battle Carlos in the 1st gym, you can simply leave agian before the battle, and I'm sure this is not intended. Maps Scripts is simple to find on the "Header" part of Advanced Map.

    Thanks for taking the time to make this hack, and to answer all the questions I keep asking. I'll stop thinking of them, eventually. (...), that's a cool quote of the many words I did say LoL. Thats probably about 20 qyuestions now, so I think I'll just shut up now...
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