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    Let's start with choatix and then everyone else, ok?
    I'm gonna answer with a spoiler this time so this post doesnt get too long.

    Originally Posted by choatix View Post
    don't you think you're being a bit mean with the game corner prizes?
    The pokemon are all at level 5! Even in FR and Gold was not like this, was it?
    Can't you change that? Spedning 9999 coins on a porygon and getting it at level 5? Come on...
    What are the odds of wilds pokemon? What I mean by this is simply, there are 12 slots of pokemon and what are the odds of each pokemon appearing? For grass, water, tree and fishing.
    CXos whatever the case is, you seem to spend FOREVER searching for rare pokemon like Pineco, Heracross, Exeggcute, Aipom, Volbeat, Ninjask, Shedinja, etc.
    Does Nincada still create a Shedinja when it evolves?
    And, is there a ThunderStone in the game other than the one from Bill's Grandpa? I want Raichu...
    What pokemon is Bill's Grandpa after? Oddish first, but whats the star pokemon? I don't lniw if this is the case in B5, but in B4 Staryu or Starmie: it wasn't either. I was waiting for a thunderstone agian...
    Can you make sleeping pokemon come out of headbutt trees? I'm gatheruing you can't, but it would be cool.
    About Kurt and his custom pokeballs? Well, the Dive and Premier Balls are all the same as pokeballs in this game aren't they? Maybe you can chnage them, or replace them? And, while on that subject, what about this: I know it's Crystal, but can you make Kurt take ALL the apricorns of a colour and turn them all into balls in one time? Eg. if you have 4 Green Apricorns, you can give him all 4 to tyurn them all into Friend Balls. And, if you do not intend on changing them, maybe ask for confirmation before picking them, because accidently picking up a White or Yellow apricorn is annoying because I could just easily battle a trainer and get some money and then buy a pokeball. And maybe, insert the script that buying 10 pokeballs gives a free premier ball?
    Do you know the odds of finding these dogs as you enter the maps?
    How do you do the Ice Path puzzle in Victory Road? Your Strength rocks and Rock Smash rocks do not seem to stay where they are when you change maps, is that a glitch... it trapped me in the Trick House... but, how do you fget that item down the botom? (ive seen it in A.Map)
    You know the guiy that sells Tiny Mushrooms... can't you make TinyMushrooms still be bought in the Maghoney Shop, so we can easily use the move relearner? Or make a place where only Paras and Parasect appear? (maybe Mt. Moon). After all, there was one in FR...
    One more thing... I have so mnay things to ask, maybe you can make the rebattle trainers hold items, but the items they would give you before, or juts imple battle items. (like have the schoolboy on Route 36 having his tnagels or what not holding a fire stone (use thief to get it), or use trainers to hold sitrus berries in the E4. PET cannot do this, but trainer-edit can. Use that. D'u think it's a good idea?
    pHEW... Thats it, I think... XD
    for now.
    -I'm known for being a bit mean to the player sometimes, but, that's only because I want to give a challenge for the player. The "spending 9999 coins for the only place to get a Porygon to fill the Pokedex" is what counts. I dont think many people use Porygon, but, considering it now evolves through levelup, it wouldnt be that exciting to get it on a high level right away.

    -Odds of wild Pokemon, I dont know, it's related to that each slot also can contain different ranges of levels, thus, making the estimation harder to be made. I dont think you can get an exact value, never.
    What is known is that the appearance rate of the rare Headbutt Pokemon is extremely low (dont forget Headbutt is only replacing Rock Smash). I dont think that's a problem. In fact, after suffering a lot for trying to get a Munchlax and a Feebas on DP I think the chances are quite better ;P
    Again, dont forget that, since they are Pokemon made to fill up the Pokedex mainly (that's my idea, sorry if you use them >.<), I wanted them to not be as easy to get. Where's the fun in getting all you want easily...?

    -Nincada and Shedinja, I'm not quite sure, but, according to Amplifier, it has a rare evo method, so, I guess it must still evolve as usual. But perhaps someone would want to confirm that.
    By the way, Shedinja can still be found headbutting, just in case

    -If there isnt any in the Safari Zone, then, probably yes, the only one would be the one you get from Bill's grandpa. Who wants a Raichu? Everyone knows Pikachu is better! >o< (which in fact, may be true with the Light Ball... that isnt still available in the game X.x)

    -In the star Pokemon asked there was probably to a mistake in the B4, which should be fixed on B5, and should be a Staryu.

    -No, I cannot give a stat to a wild Pokemon. Anyway, I think the sleeping Pokemon fell only at night, and, there's no day/night here.

    -About Kurt: They'll keep on being the same Pokeballs as they are now. Some of them have a similar effect to their GSC counterparts, about the others, I cannot do anything about that.
    And, I had a lot of problems with Kurt's script in the past, which means I really dont want to start touching it again after suffering to make it work properly, so adding a Crystal feature is unnecesary.
    About what do you need a confirmation? About picking an apricorn you dont want? Really?

    -Once again, I cannot figure out odds. There are a lot of randoms taking place there, so it's hard to figure it out.

    -There's always a way out of puzzles, else nobody (including me) wouldnt have made it far. I cant give you directions here, so for solving puzzles you should better ask in the Help thread.

    -And what if you stock on TinyMushrooms before you and Lance storm the place. If not, there are still some wild Parasect around the grass floor in V.Road (probably Parasects have a better chance of holding the item? I dont know)

    -Well, all of the E4 members' Pokemon will have hold items in the second round (to make the battle against the E4 a bit harder), so forget about the trainers who hold berries in the E4, they are used now. And I'm not sure if there are other trainers with Pokemon with hold items. Maybe yes, maybe no, PET doesnt know, and I havent tried T-Edit, because I handle well with PET. In any case, I want to have more important trainers than the rematch trainers later in the game, so they should be the ones to get Hold Items on their Pokemon.

    Originally Posted by choatix View Post
    Some strange glitches I discovered today...
    First, I used a phone booth and called my Memory 8. It was the right pesron talking, but then I got a rematch. However, it said 'National Park' for rematch, but he didn't wanrt to battle. However, the one in my memory slot above (7) wanted to battle... I think the too are mixed up...

    Also, I found a trainer that doesn't face you, and he assks if you want his number, yet although I declined, he still aksed me if I wanted to delete my number afterwards...

    And, I know I say a lot. But, as I said before, Shiny Gold is so brillant... now I'm staggering through Shiny Gold X... you know how to make a game hard. These screenshots came from X if you did to know that.

    Waiting for lots of answers... but now I want more... LoL.
    As a said in my very long post before, I asked the odds of finding the dogs? Different, but similar question... what is the odds of getting a rematch with a trainer with the phone booth?
    Do you ever intend to but wild pokemon in the places with accessible water pools... like the hidden part of the National Park (where you beat a trainer to get a Treecko) and the water surronding the "Pillar of Wishes".
    Helping you agian, like I did ikn my first post in this thread, have you started to change the auto-map scripts? Like when you go into Elm's Lab, Mr. Pokemon's House, Places where Carlos want to battle, etc. You should use map scripts, a simple part of Advance Map (not simple to me, I can't script LoL) that starts the event straight away instead of having to take a step out. For example, when you would battle Carlos in the 1st gym, you can simply leave agian before the battle, and I'm sure this is not intended. Maps Scripts is simple to find on the "Header" part of Advanced Map.

    Thanks for taking the time to make this hack, and to answer all the questions I keep asking. I'll stop thinking of them, eventually. (...), that's a cool quote of the many words I did say LoL. Thats probably about 20 qyuestions now, so I think I'll just shut up now...
    -I think there are some flags confused between those two trainers. I remember that I was a bit confused when I was making those two, but, by the looks of it, I havent fixed that part. Oh, what a pain, it's a long script to fix but I'll remember to fix it when I start to bug fix.

    -Weird that you say that, for other people, the X is still easy, which probably means both of us suck at playing the game if we consider it hard... >o<

    -More odds, I really cannot tell you because I just chain randoms, and then the machine picks. They are not too high and that's what's important.

    -About putting Pokemon on Water I dont think so, because it's not like there are a lot more of new Water Pokemon to pick, mainly they'll be all you've seen before, making it unnecesary.

    -For now, I just keep using the Script Event way, but sometime before making the last release I'll have to mess around with maps and with AMap1.9, for now, I just want to keep scripting as I learned.

    Originally Posted by JJK View Post
    the other marts are just fine that what makes it strange...and im sure i patched it well
    Are you sure you are patching over the (U) version of FR? :\

    Originally Posted by Sirwillis04 View Post
    another idea, perhaps, if you haven't figured it something else with the credits? like, make it fly over goldenrod and other joto places aswell?
    The credits fly over Kanto's maps automatically and there's no way (unless ASM can take care of it) to change that. That's why I'm not that worried about the credits (In fact, I know I still have to edit them to include all the people who have helped me )

    Originally Posted by XxOblivion77 View Post
    Hey Zel, can you tell us the following:

    What rocks do you plan to remove/make a map for the legendary or event for the next beta?
    Hmmm... Oh well, only one, but it's not like I'll be removing it, someone's Pokemon will just take care of it *closes mouth*

    Originally Posted by shinygoldash View Post
    Are there gonna be regi puzles like in emerald to get to them like using fly or wateva?
    Yeah, at least for two of them. The other one will just be in the way I think.

    Originally Posted by PokémonShinySilver View Post
    Zel, I've got an idea, maybe you could add a peak of Mt. Silver and put something up there. :\
    No, I dont think so, though it's a good idea, but I dont want to mess Kanto and Johto any more. I'll be a bit creative (just a bit) only in that third semi-region after the B6.

    Originally Posted by JJK View Post
    another bug:
    when you reach indigo plateau if you open the fly menu you will be able to fly to pallet town (??? it think it doesnt just exist in b5), only its just a glithed version of new bark town, from wich you can fly to other johto cities and walking around (like normal johto), only when walking the routes no route/city popup will appear
    Yeah, I blame some map which just sets the flag for Pallet's Flypost! Too bad that I could never spot which map it was.

    That means that if someone there wants to give me a hand I'll be grateful. All you need is Surf (and Fly) and be checking constantly if you can spot at which moment Pallet's Flypost shows up. It probably could be one of the Pokemon Centers in Johto.

    Originally Posted by dark lakitu View Post
    Hmmm... I found a weird thing while playing SG...

    What the? It's on the first Rocket Grunt in Slowpoke Well...
    Also... The downloads are messed.... The one that says "Shiny Gold" is actually X
    And "Shiny Gold X" is actually normal... Unless X is supposed to be easier... Which it is.
    Sounds as if you patched over an old patched rom, that was proved time ago that the ?? sprites showed up because of that.

    The downloads are correct. You are having another kind of problem there.

    Originally Posted by spaceboy827 View Post
    hey zel, in your own opinion, if u had to, would you restart your file for B6 or keep your B5 one and patch B6 to it to keep your file?
    anyone else can comment because it is really makeing me mad and it has actually strayed me away from a great game
    Hacker response: I know that Betas are supposed to have fixes in the future, so I am aware that I mustnt get attached to my Pokemon team. In fact, I'd prefer to restart the game and get less bugs later.

    Gamer response: Restarting is not so nice, but, after having played Pokemon for one million times it's not like it'll change my life to restart. It'll be exciting to build my team once again (maybe improving it this time? who knows...) Of course, if I have played the game recently, then I'd wait a few months before playing again.
    You could also wait till the final release is made, just like some people are doing.

    Mew of Friendship (whom I couldnt quote): It seems as if flags have gotten crazy. But if everything's acting crazy, then it leads me to think you are having a patching problem. Are you sure you patched it over a Fire Red(U) rom? What kind of patching program did you use?

    Ah, by the looks of it, you may be skipping to step on the Script Events that remove the corresponding sprites. Have you been using any kind of walkthrough code or something like that?


    As update, not much, working on digging script as always, I think by now it has surpassed the Phone Booth script in length, and this is just the "settings" part, I havent started the part with the "action"
    Anyway, it's starting to look cool ;P

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