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Originally Posted by Skeetendo, Inc. View Post
Hmm, Im beginning to wonder with these little bugs if the IPS didn't make right for some reason. For example there is an old man blocking you from getting to the house in viridian forest, and the little tile bugs and things with the team rocket's pokemon rosters. the pokecenter is a genuine bug, I found that out after I released it that I forgot to save typing in the pointer to the new event data in there. Let me fix that and remake the IPS so ti should fix these things. Your old save states will work fine if you play with the new patch, expect it later today. My apologies for the IPS patcher not working properly (What I get for using "Smart IPS" instead of Lunar IPS like usual XD) and not saving repointing that.
You could try out Snestool, iv never had any problems with that for the 7 and half years iv been into emulation.