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I want to speculate some more on this little town.


A: Warp to Elm's Lab, walking out will take you to New Bark. Save first.
B: Warp to Elm's Lab, walking out will take you to New Bark. Save first.
C: The sign says "RYOSUKE's house" The door warps too Elm's Lab. (And when I walked back OUT, I was in New Bark Town. Be careful. As long as I was there, I went into... MY?! House! OMG! I have another mom! And Pokegear! And a really messed up house! My other mom is a PIKACHU!!!! ... ANOTHER MOMMY, A THIRD MOMMY, ANOTHER PIKAMOMMY!)


D: " 'If anyone could make me a better person, you could! All I gotta say is I musta done somethin' good!' That song has been in my head since I downloaded it to my iTunes. I love Relient K! "
E: "This MART sells items you can't buy anywhere else!"
F: I encountered Ekans, Jigglypuff, Rattata, Arbok, and Zubat around 11:45 PM Game Time.
G: HIKER ANTHONY, has a level 16 Geodude and a level 18 Machamp.
H: Warp to Mt. Moon
I: "MT. MOON Tunnel Entrance"
J: "OSHIKURU's lab"

EDIT: I toyed around with a few Gold/Silver sprites and came up with these concepts for Pikablu, I used ONLY the GBC palette.

One, Marill + Pikachu Mix


Three, Blue Pikachu

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