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    The long awaited Chapter 10 of Bruno's Journey will be posted later on this week, possibly this weekend. (That is, if anyone is still waiting for it. And if they are, then I am sorry for the 4 or 5 month wait.) My Muse is kicking me in the butt for not writing on the story for a while, so after gaining much momentum and steam that I need to fuel my lovely Muse, I have decided to charge head on into Bruno's Journey and finish it up.

    Also, for those of you who want a story that will soon explain everything that is happening in Bruno's Journey then check out my new fanfic called I Bleed Black!!!!
    Check this out! Everybody will like it, I promise!
    And if you get the chance, check this out as well! It's my blog: (NOT POKEMON RELATED... MOSTLY).