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    Originally Posted by manomow View Post
    Please dont double post.its against the rules. Please use edit button.'s only against the rules in some forums, and it's automattically merged there.

    Originally Posted by andwhyisit View Post
    Two, but the red colour definitely needs to be a different shade of blue and the body a lighter shade. The red against blue looks horrible. The design is good but the colours do not work for me.
    YEah, but the GBC Palette is limited. I'm looking for a decent color.

    I'll only change it if I really think it needs to be, or if, in some twist of fate, Skeetendo wants to use the sprite and they want it changed.

    EDIT: I tried one different, don't know what I think of it.

    EDIT: I think I might like the lighter one better... I'll whip up the full set in those colors tomorrow...

    EDIT: The first ones were ALL Marrill colors, this one was Quagsire colors.
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