Thread: FireRed hack: Pokémon Secrets and Rumors
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Wow, I would have to say those sprites are looking quite nice. Not sure which ones we will want to use but it will definitely be one of them. Probably let you fiddle with them a little more if you like and then we will publically announce which one we decide to use.

Also, on the town, I like the diligence in mapping that from screenshots and checking stuff out (mad props to anyone who figures out how to get to it without using Mt Moon XP) The glitched Hiro's house is of course due to the fact its tileset was completely remade to be the one from Ash's house RB and we just haven't messed with it since we aren't in Johto, lol. The same with why Hiro's mom is a Pikachu. sprites get changed around, old maps haven't been changed. anyways, I'd like to hear some speculation on what all could be in that Mart, Who Oshikuru and Ryosuke are and what you might do there. Also a little more about what all might be up with what you all seem to have dubbed "Missingno.'s house" lol.
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