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This might be a strange request but i hope you can do this,

But can you add a option to save all pokemon data to file like "txt, doc",
Or even posible to a sql database,

I was planning to write all data to a database but doing this by hand is quite well hard to do.

So if you can add a option that will store this into a file in a nice order.
I can probably write up a parser to parse the .txt file and place it into a sql database.

This would save me hours and hours of work.
Even if you can only do this by 1 file per pokemon that wouldnt matter for me.

So i hope you can respond to this and add a option like this.


Before i forget could you also add,
Like locations where the pokemon can be found + rate to be found at the location + level to level,
If posible thanks again and keep up the great work .
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