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    Well currently its here 11:39 am in holland,
    Still havent slept yet.

    Currently learning a bit about api calls,
    Going to try and create a application that has the ability to read information from YAPE,
    And store all the information into a file/database.

    But since i never really worked with api's like thats its quite some learning/testing/taking alot of time :D.
    But i seem to have the basics if i ever finish it since i'm quite tired atm.
    I will ofcourse if the application is at least normal useable release the application/
    Or if its quite uhm well half working with testing and messing :p.
    I will release the result of it so a db/file with all the information.
    I probably if i finish this will store it into a sql file.

    No progress its no 20:29 still havent slept so no wonder right :p.
    But uhm i was checking on what YAPE changes but it seems even if i only change the hp of 1 pokemon whole chuncks of code gets altert :/,
    Whats up with that is i may ask ?
    Ah and i'm checking using hex compare. a function inside Hex Workshop.
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