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    Sorry for the lack of activity here. Been really busy with other things lately. I'll probably have a bit more time in another week or two, so I should be able to make some more progress on YAPE.

    Text export is a reasonable request and one I had considered anyway. I'll add it to my list...

    Originally Posted by ThuGie View Post
    Well currently its here 11:39 am in holland,
    Still havent slept yet.

    Currently learning a bit about api calls,
    Going to try and create a application that has the ability to read information from YAPE,
    And store all the information into a file/database.

    But since i never really worked with api's like thats its quite some learning/testing/taking alot of time :D.
    But i seem to have the basics if i ever finish it since i'm quite tired atm.
    I will ofcourse if the application is at least normal useable release the application/
    Or if its quite uhm well half working with testing and messing :p.
    I will release the result of it so a db/file with all the information.
    I probably if i finish this will store it into a sql file.
    I'm not sure how you're reading info from YAPE, but I should warn you that some of the UI may change. Also, if you're using reflection to pull data from it, I could change the internal code and you might have some breaks then. The safest way to handle this would be for us to have a well-defined text format for exporting data from YAPE and then you can write a tool to pull that into whatever DB you want. If you're interested in defining the format, then that's fine. Otherwise I will probably make one up when I get the chance.

    Originally Posted by ThuGie View Post
    No progress its no 20:29 still havent slept so no wonder right :p.
    But uhm i was checking on what YAPE changes but it seems even if i only change the hp of 1 pokemon whole chuncks of code gets altert :/,
    Whats up with that is i may ask ?
    Ah and i'm checking using hex compare. a function inside Hex Workshop.
    The additional change you are seeing is probably normal. YAPE doesn't specifically track what was edited, it just saves all data every time you do a save. The things that are likely to change are:
    • the pokedex text/pointers (mainly in leaf green, as YAPE compacts all the entries and lg has some empty space in its dex text area)
    • The order of evolution data. (Evolution data is sorted internally in YAPE. When it writes the data back, it puts it in the sorted order rather than original order.)
    There should not be any functional change aside from what you modify. If you find any, let me know and I will look into it.

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