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    The Explorer Kit is not in the demo, it is just mentioned, sort of like a teaser if you will. Obviously without a touch screen or anything like it it will be different from the underground in Diamond and Pearl, and we are still toying with various ways that it will work, but it will be around, should be in the next demo.

    You can use Gameshark to go past the old man in Viridian Forest, but you cannot go into the house as it has no warps on the doors yet :p The other place people have found is walking on walls to get to a place you will need surf and waterfall to get to legitimately, which is also not finished and none of the buildings take you anywhere useful (they all take you to Elm's Lab, and Johto does not work).

    As of right now, working on Route 4 and Cerulean City, also mapping Brick Town, playing with various concepts since no one ever made a "map" or brick town, it was just an awesome town where you could do awesome things. This will definitely carry over into the Brick Town in game. You will still get to it by walking above Unknown Dungeon and there will be a legitimate way to do this as well, lol. But that is where things stand. Also, I have been updating the tileset and working on "Missingno.'s House" to use you all's name for it, lol. Will get screenshots up when more is done to show.
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