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Originally Posted by zel View Post
Not like I havent mentioned it before, but the script is for a digging minigame, and as close as DP as possible (with some tweaks to cover the parts that cannot be done, or simply because I felt like it)

I dont know what crossed your mind, DJ, but Double Team is a TM, as it was said, at least I think it is still a TM on SG (it MUST be, considering how much I, Carlos, and our Pokemon like to "overuse" it )

The ideal is to finish the game this year, but I wouldnt take that as something absolute. Just a flexible goal, if you want.

While I keep finishing the script, take a look on more music videos by clonex25. As always, make sure to hear them well, and give feedback about fixes if you think they need any.

Rival Battle:
Gym Leader Battle:
Team Rocket Battle:
1: Lacks bass

2: From great to bad to great. There´s one acute part of the song that sunds like its stamped over the rest of the tune.

3: Simply Great.

p.s.- i dont even know what "<--- baka!" means, but doesnt it work anymore?
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