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    Burning Phantom- every set needs their pointless monsters.

    Nameless Warrior- too bad we use Dimensional Prison instead of Sakuretsu Armor now if we aren't PWWB things back and forth. There's just really no traps that we play nowadays to make use of its effect.

    Mischievous Revenant- wha, self pwnage...? Let's rename it Sadistic Revenant ;

    Spirit of Avarice- for each card, when you mill more than the Lightsworn, there better be some darn good reason to do it >>;

    Weeping Maiden- hm, the theme of this deck is probably self pwnage in all ways possible and some support card reverses the effect to the opponent I'm guessing.

    Curse of Return- problem if, how do we survive the 1st assault of self pwnage before we can special summon the monsters on to the other side? Also, how does this card work with Nameless Warrior when the two effects demand special summon, but on the opposite side of the field?

    Spirit's Haunting- Weeping Maiden is probably the best target. It's 3000+ damage at the cost of one card, provided that the battle phase worked well. Every other card doesn't do too much considering the setup required with this card (Nameless Warrior's atk power is hard to overcome as well on a consistent basis without lv 4+.)

    Final Rest- problem is that if you do have some Restless monsters on the opponent's field, you probably want to nail for damage instead of drawing in such an indirect and time consuming matter. Zombie Master with Nameless Warrior and Card of Safe Return draw at a much more consistent and scary manner (if DD Crow didn't nail it).

    Warding Chant- I guess o_o specific version of Swords of Revealing Light.

    Problem with the set is the number of resources needed to send these monsters to the other side, and the pay off is only sub-par for the most part. Even with 3 creature swap, 3 pyramid turtles and 3 Spirit's Haunting, it still has some consistency problem on getting things to the other side. Like all zombies, these guys also share the common DD Crow hate too. Not to mention, these guys got no anti-tribute protection like the old parasite monsters =/

    Restless monsters is so self-pwnage that you have to run other cards with it, which may press for deckspace problems. Nameless Warrior is the only Restless Monster that does neglectable harm if it's on your side of the field. Protection once the Restless Monsters are on the other side aren't really a problem. The problem lies in how to get monsters to that side to begin with (only creature swap?), and how to stand ground until you do draw the creature swap.