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    Originally Posted by D-Trogh View Post
    Same problem occurs when you want to use your WriteHEX function to write some data a couple of times..
    An example:
    WriteHEX sROM, &H, sData
    WriteHEX sROM, &H, sData
    WriteHEX sROM, &H, sData
    Would result in the program writing 'sData' to offset1, but not to offset2 or offset3, as sData is empty..
    Yeah its quite a strange thing,
    But i think its because he changes the data itself that the function is given,
    Like the function gets sData,
    In the function itself its called HexData,
    He alters HexData but probably in vb6 HexData is simply sData just under a diffrent name,
    So because he alters it more like clears it up.
    The next time you want to use it its empty,
    Its quite easy to fix though,
    Simple first Place HexData into a temp and use the temp to alter it .
    I will take a look maybe i will also recreate that function.
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