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Darthatron was kind enough to release his functions,
And people are ofcourse using them,

But so far i have seen nobody has even tryed to fix the problems that the functions still have,
They use them and compain about the problems,

For me i dont even use the functions but i thought why not take a look and thought well this could use some fixing and i did,
People should be more kind to share what they know help each other.
I will when i have time try and make functions like the other 2 that he released,
But when that will be i dont know i was bored so i made ReverseHex.
But thats only took a few minutes and the other functions will take probably about the same time..
But when you calculate the time spend on all 3 it will add up in 1 day time.
And to tell the truth i think making functions like this is boring :p,
So thank god it only needs to be done once and the 2e time to see if any fixes/tweaks are posible :D.

But really people try and be a bit more open source .

Well as i still had some time i fixt the function a bit up,
As you where talking about speed it could be because it writes 1 byte at a time..
Not sure why but i kept it that way.
If really intersted i could rewrite it to write multiple byte's at once probably.

Public Function WriteHex(FilePath As String, Offset As Long, HexData As String)
On Error GoTo ErrHandle

Dim FileNum As Integer
Dim i As Integer
Dim Temp As String
Dim HexHold As String
Dim HexValue() As Byte
HexHold = HexData
FileNum = FreeFile

    If InStr(Len(HexHold) / 2, ",") > 0 Then HexHold = "0" & HexHold

    ReDim HexValue((Len(HexHold) / 2) - 1)
    For i = 0 To (Len(HexHold) / 2) - 1

        HexValue(i) = CLng("&H" & Mid(HexHold, 1 + (i * 2), 2))

    Next i

    Open FilePath For Binary As FileNum
        Put FileNum, Offset + 1, HexValue
    Close FileNum

Exit Function
    MsgBox Err.Description, vbOKOnly, "Error: " & Err.Number
End Function
As you see i used mostly his code just tweaked it.
But you should be able to call it using Data as many times you want .

D-Trogh, Pointed me to a mistake what i just fixed i had Offset As integer, It should have been Offset As Long
I compared my function and Darthatron's function and it seems his is a bit faster so if you want faster you should go for his version.
I noticed that DoEvents was the cause of slowness,
But also i updated it even more it now write's all data to file in 1 go!
And as for speed its faster then Darthatron's now did a test writing 5kb 1000 times,
Mine will take around 8 seconds while his will take around 42 seconds.
I really do like speed dont you ?
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