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Old May 18th, 2008 (6:31 PM).
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    Well, I wont pay too much attention to stuff posted previously, since this is more like an status report.

    About the minigame, it's almost done. The only thing that I'd be missing would be a pick and a hammer OWs (yeah, overworlds for each of those two things, front, back and side sprites), as of course, the minigames lets you control a pick or a hammer instead of the hero's sprite. So, for all the spriters around, I leave that as a request for whoever wants to try their hand at spriting (I dont think you'll need a big sprite, one of 16*16 should be enough)

    However... I'll be a bit concentrated on my personal business for a few days, that's why I disabled my PMing. So, if you sprite something, wait till I enable PMing again if you want to send me or ask me anything (this Thursday)

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