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    So, is this game going to be one where they just say that it's a breeder/rocket/scientist/trainer experience, and just change the starters and some of the text, or one where you actually do evil Team Rocket stuff, like steal Pokémon?

    If you do decide to steal Pokémon, then you could use the Steal Other Trainer's Pokémon code for the gameshark. Or you can make it when you beat some trainers, the run off and leave an item behind, which contains a Pokémon.

    Click on the Adoptables to level them up. Get one for yourself at:

    NOTE: Unfortunately, there is a limit of 10 pictures. Please level these poor adoptables that could not get in my siggy:

    Regola the Regal Pikachu

    Buzzer the Elekid the PoKirby
    Deathora the Carnodon
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