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Originally Posted by ke14nt View Post
this is my 1st tym to post in here..but i been reading these posts for some time now..
Just want to ask Zel if..
ur the 1 who created that SG where you have to choose your starter as mew,mewtwo and the ?? pokemon.. ive been playing this game for months now and yes i have the l8test version..just waiting for the next beta 2 arrive(B6)..

can any one teach me where to find that LIPS thing (patch)..what i have was the BTAG patch thing..

im from the phillippines..I saw this game at the mall.. they were selling it for at least $20..and last question..
what's the disadvntage of not evolving ur pokemon.. i've made a swampert egg and sceptile and and i want them to be just mudkip and treeko..waht what would be the disadvantage??
and whats the difference of a pokemon with a everstone and the one that didnt have it when it comes to stat??
And you bought it? If you did they caught you well as this is a FREEBIE ZERO NADA (moster garage rulez hehehe)...
Well i guess zel will ask a angry tyranitar to stop by the mall so no problem
But to say the truth i would pay that to have shinygold on a cartridge its well worth it
and i bet it wont take long... a friend of mine went to a jipsy fair here in Lisbon and found a black dude selling this

and... They all worked!!! 5€ a piece!!!
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